Oil and Gas

Oil derivatives supply and sales company

With our activities spanning across all segments of the oil and gas value chain, our clients rely on us to deliver to their unique specifications – on time and on-spec for every transaction.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts a 30% increase in global energy needs by 2040, with demand for both crude oil and natural gas growing over this period.  Much of modern industry relies on crude oil and its by-products, resulting in the continued growth in its global use, whether it be to produce petrochemicals (the building blocks of modern consumer products) or as fuel for transportation (including aviation and shipping).  Natural gas demand will also grow, especially in developing economies, due to the benefits it offers compared to other fossil fuels.  Although products derived from the oil and gas industry are consumed across all countries globally, there are only a few nations who are major producers of these products.

Petroleum Products90%
petrochemical products80%
Chemical Products90%
other products70%


Global Oil and Gas Trading takes immense pride in assuring end-sellers and end-buyers that all traders transacting through this platform have undergone thorough and extensive background check and are capable of transacting successfully. The platform directly engages in every aspect of the transaction process to ensure the smoothest experience in implementation of the sale and delivery of fuel. 


To be a Qualified Buyer on this trading platform, the following are mandatory:

1-A proven multi-year track record in oil & commodity trading.
2-A proven ability to receive and transport the product upon delivery.​
3-Sufficient available capital, or credit line, to purchase the product.
4-Banking at a reputable bank.
5-Storage and Shipping Arrangement must be in place
6-Holding import or trading licenses to receive or transport the product in/through/to any country or territory where this might be required.